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Civics-Physics - a Key Tool in Promoting Both Civic Education of Students and Trainers and the Atraction to Study Physics I.-R. Chisleag-Losada, Radu Chisleag Forum 2016 Constanta University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest , Romania Poster contribution WG3 : Global challenges in physics education
An interactive simulation of atomic beam spectroscopy F. Minozzi, I. Marzoli Forum 2016 Constanta University of Camerino, Italy Poster contribution WG2 : New competences for physics students
Pre-secondary School Teacher Professional Development on Optics Marisa Michelini, Alberto Stefanel, Forum 2016 Constanta Universita degli Studi di Udine, Italy Poster contribution WG4 : School teachers
Critical Reasoning as a Component of Teacher Formation Laurence Viennot Forum 2016 Constanta Université Denis Diderot Invited oral contribution WG4 : School teachers