Active Learning Suported By Mobile Computers

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S. Egri
University of Debrecen, Hungary
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

It is well known fact that active learning helps students to understand basic concepts in physics. Making experiments and analyzing the measured data turned out to be an effective way to realize active learning. Some classic physical experiments need spe- cial equipment, measuring instrument or laboratory. Using mobile devices like tablets or smart phones can help students to observe and measure phenomena that appearing in technical or natural environment. These experiments can be used for example when the learning process is performed according to Inquiry Based Learning methodology at home as well as in the schools.

An android application was developed recently for collecting and analyzing data of the sensors which are embedded in tablets and smart phones. The application was used to examine certain phenomena in mechanics, like motion of the pendulum, damped oscil- lations of a cart, circular motion of a bike-wheel taking place in horizontal and vertical plane as well. Applying Inquiry Based Learning we successfully inspired teacher can- didates and secondary school students to collect and analyze data with their own mobile devices. We think, this kind of activity could be a promising way to turn the attention of the pupils even at very young age towards learning physics.