Broadcasting training activities and Physics Degree organization in prospective/actual Physics students

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I. Sanchez , D. P. Ruiz, F. Gonzalez-Caballero,A. Schmitt, F. Cornet
University of Granada, Spain
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

The Degree in Physics in the University of Granada is in the provision of degrees of the Faculty of Sciences, together which other twelve undergraduate studies. The vol- ume of academic information generated by each of the twelve degrees is such that the information provided by the Faculty web is not so specific and updated as desirable. The need to disseminate information about collaborative works, teaching, etc. not only to the degree students but also to School Education Centers led to creating a specific action for improvement. Accordingly, this activity was integrated as an “Improvement Proposal” in the final report of the self-evaluation performed in the Degree in Physics. Among the targets of this project, it is needed an information/communication channel to allow the development of the following actions:

a)Promotion of Physics studies in School Centers through the development of new communication channels web-based to clearly show the admission profile information and administrative requirements of the future students in Physics.

b)Standardization of the administrative and management information of the Degree.

c)Development of a program for on-line consultation on activities and research results.

d)Plan for the dissemination of faculty research activities.

e)Development of a website for targeted discussion and teamwork.

f)Talks and conference proposals framed in the so-called “Current Topics” activities which may be offered to High School network colleagues through videoconferencing.

In this contribution, it is presented how to fulfill these objectives through two types of actions:

-Action on School centers through information and participation (video) in order to inspire motivated students to Physics studies.

-Action on website design and building with all the information regarding the above objectives.

The assessment and discussion of these actions is presented in this contribution, as well as new challenges related to these items.