Experimental activities in physics teaching: joint work with teachers

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Romualda Lazauskaitė, Raimundas Žaltauskas
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG4 : School teachers

In inquiry-based science education the experimental activities in school could be in dif- ferent levels: confirmation inquiry, structured inquiry, guided inquiry and open inquiry. We developed 34 primarily confirmation and structured inquiries (traditional physics labs). In addition, twelve more complex interdisciplinary labs, which integrate knowl- edge in physics, chemistry, and biology, are created. The examples of such labs are presented, e.g. spectroscopic determination of chlorophyll in the plant extracts, in- vestigation of transpiration, investigation of electrical conductivity of the soil. In our laboratory of didactics we trained about 80 physics teachers. The labs were tested and developed further together with teachers. The final labs recommendations are presented in the book for teachers.