Improvements in Physics Teaching: Meeting Future Global Challenges in Physics Higher Education

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Aims :

To improve the effectiveness and attractiveness of physics teaching in Europe’s university physics departments to help ensure their competitiveness to the global student. The working group focuses on :

Student recruitment

Student mobility

Teaching methods

Pedagogical research

Methodology, preliminary results and good practices within the scope of WG3 are presented in Coimbra during the HOPE Annual Forum 2015.

All contributions presented in Coimbra are available here.



Activities :

Questionnaire on transnational mobility in European Physics degrees

Collecting good practices in teaching/learning physics

Events :

Working group meeting : Dublin, November 20-22, 2014

Working group meeting : Granada, Spring 2015

HOPE Annual forum : Coimbra, September, 2015

Final report :

Final report of WG3 activities


Chair :

Eamonn Cunningham Dublin City University P37 : eamonn.cunningham[at]

Fernando Cornet University of Granada P71 : cornet[at]