Inspiring the young to study physics

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Science at Copernicus Science center in WarsawIdentifying good practice, surveying the provision of physics outreach activities and identifying inspirational factors behind the decision to study physics, are the main priorities of Working Group 1 ``Inspiring young people to study physics''. To pursue these objectives, actions within the network are forseen :

Creating a questionnaire on inspirational factors to be distributed largely to first year students at partner universities.

Interviewing pupils, students, media personalities and others on the topic of ``Inspiring Young People to Study Physics''

The collection of national data on recruitment trends in physics across the partner countrie.

Inventories of good practice in school-university cooperation and students' competitions using questionnaires for teachers and secondary school students on activities that inspire young people to study physics

Methodology, preliminary results and good practices within the scope of WG1 were presented in Helsinki during the HOPE Annual Forum 2014.

All contributions presented in Helsinki are available here.

Activities :

Questionnaires for first year university students

Interviews for first year university students

Template for good practices in School-University

Template for student competitions

Events :

Working group meeting : Warsaw, January 6-7, 2014

Working group meeting : Naples, May 5-6, 2014

HOPE Annual forum : Helsinki, August 27-30, 2014

Final Report :

WG1 final report

Chair :

Marek Trippenbach University of Warsaw P04 : matri[at]

Elzbieta Stephan University of Silesia P68 : elzbieta.stephan[at]