IRRESISTIBLE - Engaging the Young with Responsible Research and Innovation

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A. Laherto
University of Helsinki, Finland
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

The goal of the EU-project IRRESISTIBLE (launched in November 2013) is to design educational modules that foster the involvement of students and the public in the process of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). RRI is a concept developed for bridging the gap between scientific research and other societal actors. RRI addresses the consis- tent, equal and ongoing involvement of society and societal actors, from beginning to end of the innovation process. It concerns assessment and effective priorisation of so- cial, ethical, environmental, technical and commercial impacts, risks and opportunities.

In order to raise the awareness and interest in RRI, the project brings cutting edge re- search into classrooms and out-of-school environments. The topics cover, e.g., climate research, nanoscience and renewable energy. In each of the ten countries involved in IR- RESISTIBLE, a Community of Learners (CoL) has been formed to develop a thematic module. These groups comprise of school teachers, education experts from universities, exhibition experts from museums / science centers and researchers from the thematic field. The material developed will be used by the CoLs teachers with their students. Additionally, the students will translate results of their learning project into a public exhibition.