LUMA-Suomi program - Horses for school physics courses

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P. E. Hirvonen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

LUMA Centre Finland was established in November 8th 2013 as an umbrella organization for the ten LUMA Centres in the different Universities across Finland. The aim of Luma Centre Finland is to inspire and motivate children and youth in mathematics, natural sciences and technology through the lastest methods and activities of science and technology education. The aim is also to support the life-long learning of teachers working on levels of education from early childhood to universities, and strengthen the devlopment of research-based teaching.
Finland is well-known for its excellence in PISA surveys and modern and well organized teacher training programs. However, recent national and international studies indicate that Finnish student’s motivation to study mathematics and natural sciences is remarkably low and students’ learning achievements are also diminishing. Based on the presented observations, the Ministry of Education and Culture announced an open call to apply funding for a national research-based development program. The LUMA Centre Finland was selected as a realiser of the EUR 5 million programme.
The aim of the LUMA-Suomi programme is to motivate and inspire children and youth (from ages 6 to 16) into mathematics, natural sciences, and technology. The content and implementation of the programme follow the national curricula of mathematics and natural sciences and it will be published in Finnish and Swedish. In April 17th the leading group of the programme asked all Finnish LUMA Centres to submit their innovative proposals to the programme. At the moment, the leading group is analysing the proposals and composing framework programmes that integrate different natural sciences.
The main guidelines of the framework programme will be composed before the summer 2014 and introduced in the HOPE conference in Helsinki.