New Competences for Physics Graduates, Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Image Credit: Tutor2udotnetTwo areas of priority are identified for further investigation. They will focus on the new competences needed by physics graduates to be better prepared for employment and how these competences can be implemented in physics degree courses. The two priorities are :

To identify the new needs of the society and economy: what are the new challenges and opportunities in the context of innovation, entrepreneurship as well as management and policy where physicists might give a contribution?

To identify procedures by which physics degrees programmes can be - or have been - improved in such a way that physics graduates are better prepared for the (new) job market.

Methodology, preliminary results and good practices within the scope of WG2 are presented in Coimbra during the HOPE Annual Forum 2015.

All contributions presented in Coimbra are available here.


Survey of alumni physicists

Survey of employers

Departmental survey

Events :

Working group meeting : Lille, April 3-5, 2014

Working group meeting : Hanover, Spring 2015

HOPE Annual forum : Coimbra, September, 2015


Final report :

Final report of WG2 activities


Chair :

Hay Geurts Radboud University Nijmegen P35 : hay.geurts[at]

Jos Rogiers Katholieke Universiteit Leuven P61 : jos.rogiers[at]