New skills for Physics teacher? They can contribute to increasing youth interest in physics and technology?

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Ovidiu Florin CALTUN
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG4 : School teachers

Teacher training policies are at European level an open issue. Many initiatives and changes in the teachers training program is implemented whose purpose is to improve the quality of education systems and of initial and continuous teachers training. All of these take in consideration new competences or new level of the competences and skills that teachers must demonstrate in the clasroom or in their professional evolution. Teachers need support to assimilate new teaching, learning and assessment strategies through their own experience and practice or through best practices and models demon- strated by trainers and mentors. It is considered that in the year of 2025 the initial teacher training must change radically, so that European teachers be able to get a vision of education anticipating the future (forward looking). Organizational change, design- ing new forms of curriculum development for physics teacher education in initial and continuous training networks are necessary. All of these must be based on the broad shared picture of the new competences of future teachers. The paper discuss the generic and transferable competences of next decade future teachers. Special attention is given to skills related to the knowledge of the subjects continued renewed: chapter in modern physics, physics and evolution of information and communication technologies, nan- otechnologies, macrocosmos and astrophysics. In terms of transversal competences are discussed ability to communicate science at different levels, long life learning skills, managing social and cultural projects skills, team working skill, promoter of students entrepreneurship and job literacy, etc. Some considerations will be made about how Physics initial teacher training programs could be designed and implemented in order to cope with major provocation and changes.