Petre Medvetchi a Moldavian regional competition in Physics

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A. Balanici,S. Bancila, V. Abramciuc, O. Caltun
Alecu Russo University of Balti, Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

The contest is organized by “Alecu Russo” University of Balti in close cooperation with nine districts inspectorate from the north and north east region of Republic of Moldova. The name of the contest remember to the participants the activity of Petru Medvetchi former professor at University of Balti.

The contest is addressed to the low and upper secondary schools students aged be- tween 8 and 12 years. In the organizing activities of the competition are involved both university staffs and secondary schools teachers. The contest is run in one stage at the university where the students and their teachers are invited for 2 days visit. In the first days the students know the university laboratories. Every year the number of the competitors is around 200 representing 0,1 of scholar population. The winners receive diplomas and the others certificates of participation.