A physics bridge between high school and university: Young Physicists School at University of Latvia

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I.Dudareva, V.Kashcheyevs
Physics Department, University of Latvia, Latvia
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

One of the challenges facing today‘s high school students and teachers, as well as university

students and professors are different perspectives of physics content at school

and university. Physicists of University of Latvia launched initiative with aim to creating

a venue where high school and university perspectives on physics meet, overlap and


Young Physicists School (since 2011) offers students (age 16 19) an opportunity for

informal study of physics topics. Classes are prepared and run by active undergraduate,

postgraduate, PhD students and young doctors of physics, in close cooperation with

physics professors. Department of Physics and Physics Institutes of Latvia University

provides material resources required to run experiments.

Students take on new information on a variety of interesting physics topics; take practical

experiments and observe a variety of physical phenomena. Physics students help

them to analyze and get an in-depth understanding of physical processes. The lessons

were designed for school students (age 16 19), but the younger school students and

physics teachers, who are interested in learning more about the various physics related

topics, are welcomed.

What are the benefits of the involved participants?

1) Students have an opportunity to learn physics in a more exciting way, to explore live

physics, thereby deepening their understanding of physical processes, to discover the

spirit of university studies as well. Part of these students choose to study physics or


2) Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students of physics acquire the organizational,

pedagogical and didactical experiences.

3) Physics professors have practice to talk simply about complex issues in physics and

to advise students on issues that are out of traditional school and/or university physics


All materials from these classes are posted on the Young Physicists School website: