Questionnaire WG2 for alumni

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The objectives of Working group 2 of HOPE are to investigate new competences needed by physics graduates to be better prepared for employment outside the research and education jobs and to suggest ways for the implementation of these competences in the Physics Studies. We prepared questionnaires to obtain insight into these two questions. We would appreciate it if you could contact alumni of the physics program at your university -- who got their degree between 0 up to maximum 5 years ago - and ask them to complete the questionnaire on competences in physics studies:

It will only take 10 minutes to fill it in. We realize that it is not always easy for a physics institute to contact alumni but we hope you will try, and even with a 20% response of alumni from each partnerof the HOPE Network we will have a representative view on this element of education in Europe. Could you do this work before January 15th 2015 ? Any questions can be directed to Jos Rogiers  ( <>).

Hay Geurts
Jos Rogiers