Questionnaire WG4

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Dear partner of HOPE,

 Working Group 4 is asking for your support. While working on our tasks
on the education of physics teachers, several questions came up. Since
valid answers need a broad data base, we invite you to complete the
attached questionnaire.

 Most of the questions can be answered out of your experience. Maybe
there is one or the other question which you cannot answer. Then it
would be helpful, however, if you state the reason for not answering. In
case you have any questions, please direct them to .

 WG4 is the last working group and therefore we have less time for the
analysis and for formulating results and recommendations. Therefore we
kindly ask you to complete the questionnaire till 10th of January. This
would help us immensely.

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are confident that your
support will assist us in clarifying some questions related to the
professional development of physics teachers.

 With best wishes Leopold Mathelitsch, Ales Mohoric, WG4 leaders

Aleš Mohorič