Registration form WG3 second meeting

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Date : 07- 09 May 2015

Place : Granada, Spain

In order to register please connect on the intranet of HOPE network.

The meeting starts on Thursday 07-th May 2015 at 14h 00, lunch is optional, the meeting ends at Saturday 12h 00 on 10-th May, lunch is optional. The full partners and invited speakers are supported by the Network. The reimbursement for associated partners require a special authorisation from Brussels and is not guaranted.

Two nights are included in the budget and the Network will book the hotel for you. Average travel cost due is 300 Euros, could you please try to keep below this rate for your trip. If you save more than 150 euros, one extra night of stay can be supported by the Network (specify in special needs). One person per partner can be supported.

If you want to have your flight booked and paid directly by the HOPE project, you have to contact Emmanuel Bardet ( on March 30 at the latest. If you intend to use your car for the travel, you have to ask a special authorization, please contact Emmanuel Bardet.

In order to help us in organizing the meeting, we appreciate to have the registration form on April 10th at the latest. For the first participation to HOPE event, please contact Emmanuel Bardet for administrative details.

In case of trouble during the registration process, please contact G. Dikcius