Science meets Arts- Experience inspires! A contribution to an interdisciplinary education

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G. Pospiech, M. Niethammer, C. Schmidt,E. Hieckmann
TU Dresden, Germany
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

The project “Science meets Arts - Experience inspires!” (NaKuP) is a co-operation be- tween the chairs of didactics of physics and of chemistry of the TU Dresden on the one hand and the museum educational service of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden on the other hand to develop one day courses for school students on interdisciplinary application of science and technology on objets d’art treasured in the Albertinum. A central motivation of the NaKuP project was to win young people, particularly girls, for physics and chemistry by utilising their well-known interest and preference to fine arts. The courses were developed by project staff as well as by teacher students in a series of optional seminars offered to all teacher students at TU Dresden. At first we had only participants from physics and chemistry, afterwards practically from all school subjects. The aim was to increase the competencies of teacher students for the devel- opment of a problem oriented and interdisciplinary school instruction. Therefore, the museum Albertinum served as a particular out of school learning place with exemplary but authentic courses. During these courses the school students for example have to assign a drawing to an epoch by chemical analysis of pigments, to guarantee for the climatic safety of a touring artwork by measuring and regulating parameters of the en- vironment or, to find out the correlation between illumination and colour effects of a painting. The teacher students are involved in the planning, preparation, realization as well as in the evaluation of these courses. The data of the evaluation give hints that this project provides indeed an opportunity to increase interest of girls in science and finally also the number of female students in physics.