Synergy of a Science Club: Setting up Planet Walk in Malta

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J. Borg Marks
University of Malta, Malta
Forum 2014 Helsinki
WG1 : Inspiring the young

Synergy of a Science Club: Setting up Planet Walk in Malta “Doing Science” may

sometimes be considered just as a classroom activity, but of course, it can mean much


Back in 2005, a group of 20 young people in Malta decided to form a Science Club.

The aim of the club was to show that science can be done with a difference, while promoting

it to the general public. The club focussed on Astronomy a topic which the

members of the group were all enthusiastic about. Indeed, the club members felt that

the wonder and mystery that are related to astronomy could be used to promote interest

and motivation towards the learning of science. The club members came to know about

“Planet Walk” from the advisor of the group. At that time, Planet Walk had not yet

been set up in Malta. A strong interest was aroused amongst the group. The advisors

enthusiasm was contagious. Thus group members started on their venture of setting

up Planet Walk in Malta. Apart from participating in the usual club activities, the club

members worked hard towards changing a dream into reality.

This presentation will look at the process, the difficulties encountered and the satisfaction

experienced by the club members in creating Planet Walk in Malta. It will emphasise

the synergy that can be sparked when students form part of a science club which

motivates them towards doing science, making them conscious of their own potential.