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Mathematics and Physics Olympiads, including international levels, have a long tradition in high schools in Romania, followed, later on, by similar competitions in top universities. To help young students to participate in such contests, the Faculty of Applied Sciences of “POLITEHNICA” University in Bucharest put in place tailored and free physics’ and mathematics’ classes.

In Romania, the education reform of the early ‘90 has decreased significantly the time allotted in schools to Mathematics and to Physics; exit visa disappeared; the most gifted pupils started to study in universities abroad. The student competitions have been chosen to become a tool to maintain and increase the level of training in Mathematics and in Physics of UPB students.

To ensure an increasingly competitive level of training, in Mathematics and in Physics, of its alumni, the University "POLITEHNICA" in Bucharest (UPB), by its Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS), created, tailored and free, physics and math’s seminars conducted, also, by its best students and former contests winners. In particular, it offers a "Seminar for mathematical competitions" and makes, available to everybody, on line "Solved problems for Mathematics and Physics competitions".

These encouraged the students’ participation in the National Mathematics Contest "Traian Lalescu" and the (UPB founded) Physics Contest "Ion Agarbiceanu", open to freshmen and sophomores.

In 2015, the 6-student team of the University "POLITEHNICA" in Bucharest participating in “The 9th South-East Europe Mathematical Olympiad for sophomores (s) and freshmen (f)” (SEEMOUS) has totalized the highest number of points, winning  2  gold medals (out of 8) and 8 silver medals (out of 19). The participants followed the training taught by prof. Radu GOLOGAN and Mircea OLTEANU and the students: Alexandru NEGRESCU (PhD); Dan PARASCHIV and Ştefan BELTIC (seniors), former SEEMOUS international medalists.

These initiatives are ones of the results of internal studies course reorganization after Bologna Reform. The UPB has included, in its "Engineering Physics" and "Mathematics and Informatics Applied in engineering" 4-y License curricula, the 2-y common program of "Preparatory years", typical of the French prestige “Grandes Ecoles”.

On the picture (©UPB):  The UPB's medal winners at SEEMOUS 2015: Gold awards: Teodor ROTARU (s), Roxana RADU (f); Silver awards: Relu DRAGAN (f), Mihai IONESCU (f), Alexandru JERCAIANU (s), George PIRTOACA (f)  with  the UPB team' leaders: Prof. V. Bălan and A. Negrescu


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