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Universite Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies P18

Xperium is a showcase of ongoing research, of partnerships between universities and innovation actors, particularly dedicated to students of upper secondary schools and companies. For the formers, the objectives are linked to policies for a successful transition from High School to University and an awareness of careers in research.

 A global educational process is proposed to the students, beyond the visit itself. Before it, students are made aware by their teachers on the theme of the exhibition, on research activity and on jobs linked.  

The visit at Xeprium enables to watch over 2 hours, a route in 7 steps, i.e. 7 research experiments gathered around a single theme.

At Xperium, a researcher showed us how optical fibers allow the transmission of music. That really appealed to us because it was very impressive to see that glass and light could read music“, a student said.

Each experiment is presented, performed, guided by a PhD specialist in the field, able to adapt and respond to questions of visitors.  “PhD students explained well and knew their subjects, even if some had some lacks. The decor was design, modern and well equipped“, “Before coming to Xperium, we thought PhDs older, less available. We found what we thought was different from reality ... these experiments were found very interesting.“, stressed another student participant.

Back to classroom, students comment and deepen the visit in relation with programs, jobs, ands social issues. Teachers are accompanied throughout the process by the Xperium staff, who provides them a documentary kit.


Xperium also helps students discover the scientific jobs and give them a taste for science. University cursus are not presented because we believe that the student chooses the right training easier if he has a clear vision of what he wants to be or become professionally. It is why the end of the visit is systematically devoted to present the different jobs and opportunities, the cornerstone for a successful and motivated transition between high school and university.


Opened in February 2014, Xperium is the foreshadowing of future LILLIAD Learning center dedicated to innovation, supported by the Lille 1 university and the Region Nord Pas de Calais (with European FEDER and Metropole Européenne de Lille fundings).


For More information please contact:

Pr. Jean Cosléou : Jean.Cosleou@univ-lille1.fr

Xperium website : doc.univ-lille1.fr/LILLIAD/Xperium