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Technische Universitat Dresden P51 Germany Dresden P51
University of Torino P52 Italy Turin P52
University of the Basque Country P53 Spain Leioa P53
West University of Timisoara P54 Romania Timisoara P54
Charles University in Prague P55 Czech Republic Prague P55
Frederick University P56 Cyprus Nicosia P56
Uppsala Universitet P57 Sweden Uppsala P57
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona P58 Spain Barcelona P58
Universidad de Murcia P59 Spain Murcia P59
University of Konstanz P60 Germany Konstanz P60
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven P61 Belgium Leuven P61
The University of Birmingham P62 United Kingdom Birmingham P62
Centrum voor Microcomputer Applicaties P63 Netherlands Amsterdam P63
Simplicatus Research and Development AS P64 Norway Lovenstad P64
Associazione per l'insegnamento della Fisica P65 Italy Parma P65
International Association of Physics Students P66 France Mulhouse P66
Italian Physical Society P67 Italy Bologna P67
University of Silesia P68 Poland Katowice P68
European Organisation for Nuclear Research P69 Switzerland Geneva P69
European Physical Society P70 France Mulhouse P70
University of Granada P71 Spain Granada P71
University of Sao paulo AP01 Brazil Sao Paolo AP01
Seattle Pacific University AP02 United States Seattle AP02
University of Washington AP03 United States Bothell AP03
University of Oregon AP04 United States Eugene AP04
American Physical Society AP05 United States Ridge AP05
B M Birla Science Centre AP06 India Andhra Pradesh AP06
International Research Group on Physics Teaching AP07 Italy Udine AP07
Institute of Physics AP08 United Kingdom London AP08
Argentin Physics Teacher Association AP09 Argentina Rosario AP09
IBM Zurich AP10 Switzerland Ruschlikon AP10
University of Cyprus AP11 Cyprus Nicosia AP11
University of Koper AP12 Slovenia AP12
National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering AP13 Romania Magurele AP13
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia AP14 Spain Madrid AP14
Horia Hulubei Foundation and UNESCO Chair AP15 Romania Magurele AP15
University Roma 2 Tor Vegata AP16 Italy Rome AP16
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AP17 Greece Thessalonic AP17
Uniwersity Jagiellonski AP18 Poland Krakow AP18
University Paul Sabatier AP19 France Toulouse AP19
ITMO University AP20 Russia Saint Petersburg AP20